The game Manic miner was released for the first time in the year 1983 and the effort was taken by Bug-Byte (Matthew Smith). This is a sensational game in the Miner Willy Series. The game comes with fabulous features and nothing can be compared to the sound, graphics and the music of the game. It is all too good. The background and the foreground of the game are colorfully designed. The game looks all stunning and vibrant.

Miner Willy is the person who falls down from a mine shaft and he makes a wonderful discovery of the ancient civilization. The prime aim of the game is to make a good collection of the innumerable flashing objects and the objects are collected from the twenty caverns. This Willy has to do before he falls short of oxygen. Every time Willy collects an object from the cavern the player is made to go through a flashing portal and in this way he enters the next cavern.

The objective of the player is not just to take Manic Miner through. The person has to survive despite all the obstacles and dangers. On the way he has to collect the goodies and at the end he reaches the surface of the mine. He has to be the richest by collecting all the treasures. This is the motto of the game. While you play you gather the points and in case you are made to lose all the lives then you have to give up this time and you have to start gaming again from the beginning.

You need to sustain. This is the basic rule of the game. With each move the game tends to be tougher. Manic Miner is so frustrated as he is made to meet his end every time he takes a dive. He has to go through lots of perils in the process. You develop a kind of addiction to the game and thus every time you fail you tend to come back on point one and start afresh. The desperate wish to become the winner chases you throughout the game.

This game received much inspiration from Atari 800 game Miner 2049er. Manic Miner is an awarded game and it has received much applause in the way. The game has also won the Golden Joystick award. The game comes in too many versions. You can play the game in so many different ways.

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