How to Play it

Before you start playing the game it is important for you to know that the actual name of Manic Miner is Miner Willy and after he falls down from a mine shaft he comes to discover a massive civilization.

In this way you can imagine yourself as Miner Willy and start playing the game. Goal of this game is to collect several flashing items. There are altogether 20 caverns and Miner Willy has to go through all of them. He has a limited supply of oxygen and can ran out of it soon it the oxygen level hits zero. So Miner Willy has to end his search before that.

Once Miner Willy collects all objects from one cavern he can go through flashing portal and he can easily enter the next cavern. This is how the game continues. Game play of the game is so interesting that every time Manic Miner fails he comes back to the same point and starts his expedition again.

Now, the real thrill of the game lies in the fact that game is made to survive through all the dangers and obstacles. While overcoming the perils Miner Willy has to collect the goodies as well and when he reaches the surface of the mine he is a rich man already.

As the player passes from one cavern to another he makes a various collection of points. The player is equipped with all lives and if in the middle of the game he loses all of them then the game is finished and the player has to start once again from first level.

With each level the game tends to become more intense and the player has to put in more concentration in order to survive till the end. Every time Miner Willy has to face fatality the frustration of the player increases. The challenge of the game is tremendous and this makes the player come back to level one and play again even when he finished the games.

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